Direct Push Drilling

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Direct Push Drilling Direct Push Drilling Direct Push Drilling

H&P Direct Push Sampling Tools

H&P owns and operates a fleet of more than five direct push sampling systems, including Strataprobe® truck mounted rigs and limited access equipment. The Strataprobe® sampling system is a hydraulic and percussion drive-point unit capable of reaching 50 feet below the ground surface. Strataprobe® trucks are one of the most powerful and versatile direct push systems available, capable of sampling soil, soil vapor, and groundwater medias. H&P also owns a variety of limited access equipment, such as a Geoprobe® 540MT and manual roto-hammer hand probe equipment.

C57 License #920371: Certificate Holder, Dave Balkenbush, H&P Field Operations Manager

  • The Strataprobe® sampling unit is mounted on a Ford 550, low profile truck. A 12' mast height and compact overall size allows sampling in relatively tight locations. Strataprobe® is quicker and more powerful than other direct-push systems, and it is more cost effective and cleaner than conventional drilling methods.
  • The Geoprobe® 540MT sampling unit is a cart mounted system developed for sampling within buildings and limited access areas (i.e. alley-ways, back yards, beneath awnings, etc). The specifications for the Geoprobe® 540MT can be found at the Geoprobe® website.
  • H&P’s manual roto-hammer equipment allows for very limited access sampling of sub-slab vapor and soil vapor at depths of 5’ below ground surface or less. The hand probes are capable of drilling through concrete slabs up to 12” thick and can be utilized within buildings and homes in areas where even the Geoprobe® 540MT would not have access, such as hallways, closets, storage rooms.

Direct Push Soil Sampling

The Direct Push Strataprobe® and Geoprobe® 540MT have the capability to obtain both continuous and discrete soil samples using a combination piston/split barrel sampler. The piston prevents the sampler from filling as it is advanced to depth.

  • Discrete interval sampling with either 1” or 2” diameter acetate liners, 2’ length
  • Continuous coring with 2” diameter macrocore liner, in 2’ and 4’ lengths
  • Minimal to no cuttings for disposal
  • Brass, stainless steel, or acetate liners available
  • Average Strataprobe® depth 50’ bgs.
  • Sampling rates vary from 100’-200’ per day, depending on soil conditions

Direct Push Groundwater Sampling

The Strataprobe® and Geoprobe® 540MT can both be used to collect in-situ groundwater samples using a variety of methods. A groundwater sampler tool (similar to Hydropunch®) may be used in conjunction with either a bailer or peristaltic pump for the actual groundwater sampling. The groundwater sampler consists of a drive head, sheathe, point holder, and stainless steel screen. Alternatively, groundwater samples can be obtained using temporary PVC casing, which allows for multiple points to be set while groundwater recharge is occurring. H&P can also install semi-permanent pre-packed groundwater wells, with or without a foam bridge. Soil samples can be collected on the way down to the groundwater level, allowing for just one boring location.

  • Discrete groundwater samples by bailer, pump, or in-situ sampler
  • Installation of small diameter monitoring wells (pre-packed wells)
  • Vertical water gradients
  • Low flow, low purge sampling capability

Direct Push Soil Vapor Sampling

Soil Vapor Probe installation and sampling has been the mainstay of H&P’s field sampling expertise for over 20 years. The H&P drilling crew goes through extensive training to learn not only how to properly set a soil vapor probe, but also how to purge and collect a soil vapor sample. Soil vapor probes are generally installed one of two ways. The first, most common method is to set a soil vapor probe within a temporary vapor well. The direct push rod is advanced to depth, and the H&P technician builds a soil vapor probe within a sand-pack and seals the well with bentonite to the surface. The vapor probe itself is constructed with a filter at the base, tubing to the surface, and a termination at the top of the tubing.

The second method is to utilize Post Run Tubing, or PRT sampling. This method of soil vapor collection uses a steel vapor tip that is shielded during the driving process. Once the desired sampling depth is reached, vapor is sampled via small diameter tubing, which runs down the center of the drive rod.

  • Various filter, tubing, and termination options to specialize the probe construction specs to your needs.
  • Vapor probes can be converted to permanent probes with well boxes at surface.
  • Tubing construction has a low dead volume, ideal for vapor sampling
  • Nested probes can be installed within the same boring, allowing for vertical gradient profiles.

Benefits of H&P’s Direct Push Sampling When Combined with H&P’s Environmental Mobile Laboratory Services

  • Immediate analysis of Soil Vapor Purge Volume Tests
  • Immediate analysis of Soil Vapor survey Leak Check Compound
  • Immediate analysis of data in the field allows for money saving, real time decisions
  • Very useful for “drill to clean” projects that require immediate data results.
  • The H&P crews work as a team to be as efficient as possible. You will not get charged for extra time on-site from the lab if the drill rig has a breakdown, and visa versa.
  • On-site results of soil vapor supports risk assessment for Vapor Intrusion
  • Mobile Labs meet or beat holding time requirements, reducing the chance of sample degradation.
  • Lower risk of sample mix-ups if the field crews are working together.